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12 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Item # : C69011
Selected Shade:
available at select stores only

Create mesmerizing eye looks with 12-color eyeshadow palettes, available in three unique shades: Unveiled, Stunner, and Surreal! These eyeshadow palettes boast 12 blendable, buildable, and highly pigmented finishes and textures, ranging from eye-catching shimmers to silky mattes. The warm, neutral, and lively hues complement all skin tones and eye shapes, making it easy to define eyes and discover multiple looks tailored to your style. 

Unveiled —A transparent eyeshadow palette component in a milky-pink finish containing a mix of 12 shades ranging from soft copper tones to warm mauve and chocolate hues in soft matte and shimmer finishes.

Stunner — A transparent, milky-sea green eyeshadow component that is wearable, 12 color eyeshadow palette with lively pops of assorted hues in daring blue tones, essential neutrals, and touches of soft teal shades in soft matte and shimmer finishes.

Surreal —Nude essentials in one versatile eyeshadow palette for everyday use! This wearable palette features 12 complementary hues of creamy neutrals to cool, warm-toned, and light to deep shades in matte and shimmer finishes. It comes in a transparent, milky-nude component.

  • Travel-Sized
  • Highly-Pigmented
  • Easy-to-Blend
  • Long-Wearing
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Shimmer Finishes
  • Matte Finishes
  • Pressed Eyeshadow Formula

Matte Shades:

  1. Dip your favorite matte shade and gently tap off excess.
  2. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply the eyeshadow in swiping motions slightly above your crease to deepen and add shadow to it.
  3. Use a detailer brush and smudging motions closest to your lash line to add dimension on the lash line.

Shimmer Shades:

  1. Use a different eyeshadow brush to dip your favorite shimmer shade and press it onto your lid.
  2. For extra color payoff, use your fingers and tap the shadow onto your lid.

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