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Nail Frill Soft & Flexible Artificial Nails

Item # : CNT527
Selected Shade:
available at select stores only

An artificial Nail Tip Kit designed to provide flawless and trendy nails that are easy to apply.

The kit includes:
  • A prep pad to clean nails
  • 33 nail tips in varying sizes
  • 1 Nail glue
  • 1 nail file for a fast and easy application

Capture the perfect pop of pink with Nail Frill's Fashionista in medium length with a high-shine finish. A variety of styles and designs are available to match any mood or occasion.

  • Long-lasting, flexible nail tips
  • Easy to apply
  • Coffin or almond shaped tips
  • Includes 33 high gloss finish nail tips
  • Comfortable wear
  • Cruelty-Free

Start with clean dry nails. Use prep pad (Included). Select nail size that closely matches your own nail. File as needed. Snip tip of nail glue. Place a drop of glue (Included) to underside of artificial nail & spread with nozzle. Position & press down firmly onto your own nail close but not touching cuticle. Hold for a few seconds until nail adheres.

To remove: Soak nails in acetone based nail polish remover until artificial nail dissolves. Do not force or pull off nail as can cause damage. File natural nails to gently remove any residue.

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